'Lassi talk with Rasmi' is making a very special place

‘Lassi Talk with Rasmi’ is an entertaining interview show. Name itself is quite interesting which sounds very different and catchy. With its interesting name the show is also very unique and fun to watch. With her completely new and unique segment in between the program is hosted by Rasmi Pandey. Her presentation has done full justice to the nature of this program. In today’s world of rapidly increasing online programe it’s very difficult to make a good and reputed place but this show has successfully make its place in short span of time.

The show is full of truth, dare, fun, laugh and at the same time informative too. Starting from the struggle of different personality to Truth and Dare and Rapid Fire segment this program is fun and informative to watch and spend time on. Segments like ‘Truth and Dare’ and ‘Rapid fire’ might be quite challenging to the personalities but that segment is something very interesting to look at and have fun. These segments also force the celebrity to reveal their many personal secrets which they even don’t share with other media.

The show is produced by NKTV, an online channel which has been successful to make a good place in the market as one of the best entertainment channel. It is broadcasted 2 days a week. You don’t regret watching rather will appreciate the concept.







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