What Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Padmavati has to offer us?

Padmavati is yet to go on the floors and we already have enough controversies and conspiracy theories to fill a book. The film — now definitely starring Deepika Padukone Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kaapoor — is based on the life of Queen of Chittor, her husband Rana Ratansen and Sultan Alauddin Khilji’s onsession with her. Days after news came that the Sanjay Leela Bhansali film will be delayed, Ranveer Singh has now revealed what appears to be his look for the film. Kohl-eyed and bearded, the actor sure looks in his Khilji get-up. As fans posted and re-posted his brave new look, this seems to put the lid on how Padmavati is very much on.

The actor looks kind of a badass — we would say in tune with his character Khilji who was a ruthless king — as he posed for the cameras. Meanwhile, days ago, Shahid Kapoor was seen sporting a handlebar moustache. He put the image on Instagram and was also seen outside Bhansali’s office where he kept a hat on. Shahid is playing Deepika’s husband, Raja Ratansen in the film. Now for those who came in late, here is a recap of every controversy which Padmavati has been besieged. It all started with rumours that Deepika had said no to Masaan actor Vicky Kaushal playing her husband in the film.

It appeared that Deepika wanted a prominent star to play the role and Fawad Khan’s name was also mentioned in this regard. However, after a few days, buzz began that Bhansali had roped in Shahid to play the role. With the actor being on a paternity break at that time, the shooting could only began in October. After Shahid entered the scene, Ranveer reportedly started demanding a meatier role for himself. He was often seen outside Bhansali’s office late at night and it was finally all smoothed over. Deepika was allegedly being paid a record amount for the film, which made her India’s highest-paid actress. Bhansali’s rep later refuted the rumours. On top of all this, Hardik Patel-led Patidar Navnirman Sena (PNS) has threatened to launch a protest against Padmavati.

PNS wants assurance from Sanjay Leela Bhansali that the director will portray Rani Padmvati according to historical facts. Till then, they would not allow Bhansali to shoot the film in Gujarat.







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